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Yuusk – all about billionaires

Yuusk talks about 7 things that billionaire can do and we can’t. Let’s find them out:

  1. Buy an island

An island can cost from 10 to 45 million and sometimes a bit more than this. Some billionaires own more than one island and they simply rotate living one them all. Sounds like fun, right?

  1. Build the home of their dreams and include lots of extras

Besides the home of their dreams they are able to put a hedge maze, a gigantic pool, a personal airport or helicopter launch pad, intricate gardens and a train to ride around your enormous stretch of land. Yuusk will take you here!

  1. Employ staff to do things for them

Billionaires don’t use to do much on their own. Staff is generally emolp0yed to devise the cook, menu run errands, clean, take care of the kids, manage finances and many others combinations of all types, plus some few other tasks. One could get bored not being able to do things for themselves, but who will not enjoy to have some help from time to time

  1. Collect expensive items

For billionaires, art seems to be a popular way to spend money. Some collect yachts, cars, property, rare stamps or jewelry. Yuusk knows that a millionaire would be able to easily have more than one collection. I wouldn’t mind to have a collection of exotic animals or beautiful sculptures.

  1. Own a sport team

Many peoples think about football, baseball and basketball when someone mentions owning a sports team. There are also people who own racing teams and hokey teams as well. Some billionaires will owning a team as a hobby, while other will see it as a type of investment. A billionaire who is a sport enthusiast will love to have his own team.

  1. Travel whenever and to wherever they want

Yuusk, the most exclusive travel site, knows how nice is to travel whenever and wherever you want. Billionaires aren’t restricted to go to a specific part of the world and they don’t have to wait in long lines at the airport. Most of them own private helicopters, jets or boats that can magically transport them to any destination of their choice.

  1. They can do anything they want to do

Not everything can be brought, for instance love, talent or acceptance, but we can all agree that money can be used for good or it can be thrown away on something that is completely useless. A large sum of many can be put it to good use.




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