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Unique tips to write the perfect profile from Yuusk.com

When someone asks you to describe yourself how fast can you do it and how good can you make it sound? For some of us, self-promotion is really difficult and writing the best dating profile is no exception.

What do you like in other profiles? 

If you find some profiles as being interesting and cool then think about what makes them like this and try to follow the example. Maybe is who they introduced themselves, how their photos look like or how they highlighted hobbies and interests section. Of course that this should be an inspiration and you should never copy someone’s profile.

What story do you wanna tell about yourself?

Your profile is a small presentation about yourself and believe it or not it has to tell a story in order to attract the others. Try to grab the attention but in a subtle and positive way. What are your best qualities? what do you like to do? what makes you special? Write about it and be honest.

Say who you wanna meet

Here is not about making a list with height, hair-color and body shape preferences. It’s about highlighting your values and beliefs what kind of person will be most suited for you.


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