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Nail growth with simple steps

Every woman wants her nails strong and to grow fast. Healthy nails will reflect the state of your overall health so you really have to pay attention to them.

Just like the hair, nails are made of the same protein, known as keratin. Fingernails grow faster than toenails, but sometimes fingernails growth is still very slow. Fingernails grow about one-tenth of an inch per month, but sometimes they grow even slower than this. Slow nail growth is due to several factors. These common factors include hormonal changes in the body, aging process, health problems, medication, chemotherapy and nutritional deficiencies. On the contrary, faster growth can be observed among children and pregnant women.

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Proper nail care

A healthy diet and proper nail care are some useful ways to keep your nails beautiful and strong. Also, you can add some natural treatment using elementary ingredients.

  • Coconut Oil – this product will strengthen your cuticles and it is very useful in curing fungal nails and cuticle infections.
  • Lemons – lemons contain vitamin C (an essential ingredient for nail growth). This remedy will give your nails a nice shine.
  • Olive Oil – beautiful nails need well moisturized. When it comes to nail care, olive oil will penetrate deep into the skin and thus helps nourish your nails.
  • Horsetail – a great source of silica, calcium and useful minerals.
  • Orange Juice – this is another remedy that can boost nail growth. Its content keeps your nails healthy and encourages the production of collagen.
  • Biotin – also known as vitamin H, this product will encourage the growth of your nails and hair. Also, biotin is famous for the power of improving the keratin infrastructure.
  • Tomatoes – these products contain a high amount of biotin. Tomatoes have a rich content of vitamin C and A. These ingredients are essential for healthy skin and nails.
  • Protein – nails are made up of keratin so you need to add more protein to you diet. Lack of protein will make your nails weaker and will cause white spots.

Use these simple remedies and you will definitely have perfect nails.


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