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The Hunger Games: Katniss is back for the final battle

Katniss Evens, the warrior leader who led the charge against oppression in “The Hunger Games” movies, is returning to her current incarnation. Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, has evolved from a backwoods scrapper in the first movie into a battle-scared champion. As we all know, the battle she’s fought have …

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Cow’s milk for toddlers

Experts recommend you to introduce cow’s milk after your baby is 12 months old. Let’s see why. There are several reasons to delay the introduction of cow’s milk before your baby reaches its first birthday. It is very important to understand that babies can’t digest cow’s milk as easily or …

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Yuusk recommends expensive tequilas

There are many ways for you to enjoy your leisure times or your holiday. You need something to make you relax. Whether it is spending some days in one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, driving your most expensive cars or just sit and relax with a glass …

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