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Istanbul – best hotels, magic experience

Istanbul is a magical meeting place of East and West. Why I love this city? Because of its locals and the endless supply of hospitality. When I walk down a city street I love the fact that layers of history spread out before me. I love to see the sun …

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Accommodation Paris – where to go?

Do you want to travel to France and you need accommodation Paris? Are you interested in accommodation Paris, but you don’t know what to choose? Stop messing around and try this places. We guarantee that you will totally enjoy the time you spend here and it will be a nice …

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Hawaii – the heavenly place

We all can agree that Hawaii is synonymous with paradise, right? You just have to look at the Technicolor coral reefs, sugary beaches and volcanoes beckoning courageous spirits. A party in Hawaii means a travel to heaven for all those who love adventure. Hawaii – a natural beauty   All …

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