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Yuusk iPhone app was launched

The waiting has come to an end! Yuusk iPhone app has been launched! It took us a couple of weeks of hard work and dedication to complete Yuusk iPhone app, but finally it is all done and now we have our 1st free Yuusk iPhone application, available at Apple’s iTunes …

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Endless summer with Yuusk!

1st August already and summer is almost gone?! Well, not really because with Yuusk summer is never gone. Why? Because here people are always traveling to places where summer never ends! Sounds like a dream but this is Yuusk’s reality. We know that summer is more of a feeling than …

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Yuusk – all about billionaires

Yuusk talks about 7 things that billionaire can do and we can’t. Let’s find them out: Buy an island An island can cost from 10 to 45 million and sometimes a bit more than this. Some billionaires own more than one island and they simply rotate living one them all. Sounds …

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