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Color light therapy & health problems

Nowadays, color light therapy can be a great solution for condition raging from back pain to rosacea. What is truly great is that researches have discovered that different colors can offer different health benefits. How can a rainbow of color light therapy resolve your problem? Blue For: stomach ulcers, back …

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Chemical peeling – what does it do?

Have you ever had a chemical peeling? If not, let us explain what is this about and who it works. Chemical peeling involves applying a sort of “chemical agent” on your skin. The main purpose is to exfoliate thickened, sun-damaged surface skin and to stimulate the collagen production. Chemical peeling …

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Permanent epilation with IPL

When it comes to epilation, each woman is willing to try multiple solutions. Does it hurts? Does it really work? Well, it depends on what you’re using. Nowadays, there a many sophisticated solutions in order to get rid of your unwanted hair. Luckily, tanks to technologies, every person who wants …

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