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Moulin Sur Mer – lovely place in Haiti

I just got back from Haiti with my husband and our three children. As we got there, we chose to stay at Moulin Sur Mer. What a wonderful decision! We stayed there 5 days and I can say that this was the highlight of our trip. My kids were in love with the kiddie playground, the beach and the mini zoo. We went snorkeling and kayaking and we had a great time. Most importantly for me and my husband is thet the kids had a good time. We will definitely go back to Moulin Sur Mer as soon as possible.

At Moulin Sur Mer I had a very clean room and also very comfortable. He had two large queen beds and there was also cable TV. Due to the air conditioning the room was very refreshing and my kids were very happy. Mu double room was clean and spacious. This beach resort had great beach amenities, plenty of trees for shade, soft sand beaches and great hammocks. We all used the pool a lot and it was very clean.

What can I say about food? Well, it is very expensive. I can say that food was ridiculously expensive. $30 dollars only for lunch is not okay. However, the included breakfast buffet was really good. For us, Moulin Sur Mer was a great facility.

moulin sur mer one

Snorkeling at Moulin Sur Mer


The water and the beach is a five star experience if you choose Moulin Sur Mer. While snorkeling, I saw an octopus. It was really great. The beach is always immaculate with fine sand and clear blue waters. The setting is breathtaking indeed. I was surprised by the staff too. They were all very helpful and friendly. I had no regrets and I will definitely go again to Moulin Sur Mer.

moulin sur mer

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