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Maximus Resort in Brno

My vacation in Brno was pretty good. To be honest, I had higher expectations but anyways, finally, things went pretty well.

When I arrived in Brno I chose to stay at Maximus Resort. I my opinion the main reason to choose Maximus Resort is wellness. My room was good, very comfy & clean. I was a little disappointed because the rom did not have air conditioning. Also. The corridor music was loud enough to be heard in the room. It was very annoying. However, I chose this hotel specifically for the attached wellness center. This center was really great. Besides this, the restaurant was excellent.

Great wellness center at Maximus Resort 

At Maximus Resort I had the great chance to enjoy amazing pools. My favorite pool was the 35^C thermal salt water pool. This pool was amazing for relaxing in. I enjoyed that pool with a delicious cocktail from the bar. Very nice.

Maximus Resort has lots of saunas to enjoy too. The saunas are kind of a “German Style”. They will give you a sheet and towel and you are not allowed with swimwear. I spent most my time in the outdoor Jacuzzi pool so this was great. There are many activities to do in this resort.

Maximus Resort is located farther from the center so you need a taxi to get to Brno center. The staff was friendly and the girl at the reception was extremely nice. For me, Maximus Resort was a nice experience. Not extraordinary bunt not very disappointing too.

maximus resort

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