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iPhone 6S: dunked in water, bent and scratched

How durable is an iPhone 6S?

A new smartphone has to be better than the last smartphone, but it seems that hardiness is often not enclosed in the upgrade process. The new iPhone 6S has been bent, dropped, submerged in water and scratched. So….how tough is it?

Last year, iPhone users complained about their iPhone ending up bent after trips through user pockets. This year, things have changed. Samsung claim a 1.7 strength increase within its Galaxy S6 smartphones and Apple switched to a stronger aluminum for its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

After passing some tests, the iPhone 6S Plus seems to be tougher.

Scratching and dropping an iPhone 6S Plus

Many customers have issues with dropping smartphones. The new iPhone is made of harder aluminium and this helps it to survive drops on to its edges and back in a better way than the last year’s iPhone 6S. After some tests the iPhone had fewer marks and deformations in the frame.

On the other hand, Apple claims that its X-ion glass screen is the hardest in the business. Apple does not claim that this year’s smartphone is waterproof, but it seems more capable of surviving a dip into water than last year’s iPhone 6. It can be even compared with other non-waterproof smartphones.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are thicker and heavier than last year’s iPhone and Apple claims that they are more durable with harder aluminium frames. If they are waterproof or not is still a debate.

iPhone 6S dunked in water, bent and scratched

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