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How to choose a baby car seat

A baby car seat is very important for your child’s safety and comfort. When making your choice, make sure you know all elementary informations about baby car seats. Do not forget! Your baby’s safety depends on how much you pay attention to his needs.

Everyone how has a car and a baby, needs a baby car seat too. A car seat that it is suitable for your baby’s age and size and that has been installed properly will bring safety and happiness to your little one.

how to choose a baby car seat

How to choose a suitable baby car seat? Here are some useful tips! Follow them and buy the right baby car seat.

 Your bundle of joy needs a baby car seat

Before buying a baby car seat you must read your vehicle owner’s manual laboriously. This will help you see how it should be installed and where should be put the baby car seat.

A baby car can be attached using the seat belt or the LATCH system. LATCH stands for the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children system and all new vehicles have this system.

If you wanna use LATCH, double-check the fact that you already know where the LATCH system is in your car. The LATCH attachments may not be in the middle, the safest sport for a child.

Step nr. 2: Choose the right baby car seat for your child’s weight, age and height. Each baby car seat owner’s manual has all important specifications about that seat.

  • For infants and newborns, the most recommended choice is rear-facing seats. When your child’s head is within 1 inch of the top of the seat, you will know that this is the moment when he has outgrown the rear-facing seat.
  • For children which are at least 2-years-old you can choose forward-facing-seats. Make sure that your child has the proper height and weight for this car seat type.
  • Booster seats should be over 40 pounds. When he is 8 years old he can graduate to the adult seat belt.

Baby car seat – your child needs it!

Be careful with how much room you have in the back seat. How many children do you have? Before you go shopping, take back seat measurements and bring the measuring tape with you to the store. Buy a baby car seat that explains the installation process with a diagram and a text. Use all those instructions and keep the instruction booklet with the seat. Make sure that the seat belt is secure and properly fastened.

The perfect baby car seat is the one who has two-piece retainer clips. Without these retainer clips, toddlers may be able to climb out of their seat. Pay attention to accessible harness adjusters. A seat with improper harness adjustment is less effective in the event of a crash. Choose a baby car seat which is easy to clean. A seat made with a smooth fabric will wipe clean more easily.

Follow these simple tips and choose the perfect baby car seat! Security and comfort with only one product.


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