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Hotel Borg – nice place in Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country. I chose to visit Reykjavik and I spent five night at Hotel Borg. Thanks to this hotel my vacation was awesome. I felt like Hotel Borg is my second home and this was a great feeling. Hotel Borg has beautiful views over the central and square to all the sites. This hotel has a great restaurant and I had the opportunity to eat there the famous pulled pork burger. This dish was very juicy and succulent. The staff form this hotel is fabulous. Everybody was really helpful and friendly. In my opinion, Hotel Borg is a must place to visit.

Hotel Borg

Hotel Borg has perfect rooms

At Hotel Borg I had a beautiful room with balcony. I had no problem with noise and everything was story like. Also, our shower was great. This hotel is a great choice for all those who want a relatively inexpensive and central hotel. Overall, the hotel was clean and beautifully decorated. The breakfast I had was included and I had to pay no extra charges. Also, the coffee was excellent. The major problem with this hotel is that they have no parking area so you have to search quite hard to find legal parking in this downtown area.

With me the staff was very careful and they all work hard to meet your needs. The location is perfect and the rooms are very efficient and comfortable. I could also count the walkable distance to loads of restaurants and bars. In the way of amenities there aren’t much: just rooms a bar and no spa. Downstairs the bar is great and the upmarket is really nice. I would definitely return here when I’ll have the opportunity. Hotel Borg is located in the heart of Reykjavik so the location is unbeatable.

Hotel Burg one

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