Cow’s milk for toddlers

Experts recommend you to introduce cow’s milk after your baby is 12 months old. Let’s see why. There are several reasons to delay the introduction of cow’s milk before your baby reaches its first birthday. It is very important to understand that babies can’t digest cow’s milk as easily or …

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Medicinal mushrooms for your health

Nowadays, medicinal mushrooms are used to fight cancer and modulate immune response. Ganoderma lucidum, Letinula edodes, Grifola frondosa and Crodyceps are famous in some parts from Asia.  Until now, researchers have shown these mushrooms have antiviral, anti-cancer, liver protective and anti-inflammatory activities. So, here are six types of medicinal mushrooms …

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E-Cigarettes to quit smoking

Do you wanna quit smoking? Are you sick of trying nicotine gum, weird inhalers and patches that don’t work? Of course you are. We understand you completely and, for this reason, we chose to say some word about E-Cigarettes. Until now you probably have seen other people using E-Cigarettes and …

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Hair loss – how to prevent and treat

If you will try to search online “treatments for hair loss” you will find a long list with creams, tonics and supplements. Unfortunately, you will discover soon that most of natural hair loss treatments are bunk. Even with all these treatment your brush hair will continue to have more hair …

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Color light therapy & health problems

Nowadays, color light therapy can be a great solution for condition raging from back pain to rosacea. What is truly great is that researches have discovered that different colors can offer different health benefits. How can a rainbow of color light therapy resolve your problem? Blue For: stomach ulcers, back …

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Natural sources of vitamin C

Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid too, is a vitamin that is very important for development and normal growth and also for maintaining good health. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and the main function us to boost your immune system. This vitamin is essential for the repair and growth of …

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