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Feng Shui for your child’s room

Decorating the baby’s room can be an action full of joy for both parents and the child. The room should be arranged according to your tastes, but especially with children’s tastes. After all, the room is where he will spend a lot of time, a place that will be the universe’s infancy. Feng Shui is based on rebalancing forces from one room to improve the health, prosperity and people’s behavior. Following several Feng Shui principles you can succeed to create an equilibrate space for the little one.

According to Feng Shui, where can we place the bed?

This aspect is very important, because an excellent positioning can guarantee a restful sleep. Your little child needs a good sleep, right?

The perfect place for placing a bed is in a cozy corner with the head of the bed close to the door or exposed to a hallway. The child’s subconscious perceives the entrance, so the bed location is very important.

Choose the wall color according to Feng Shui rules!

Your child should stay in a bedroom that has warm colors. According to Feng Shui, colors such peaches, terracottas and yellows will help your child to feel secure. Try to avoid white walls is your child is bookish to an extreme. White walls will over-stimulate the mental focus and so your child could become too analytical. Also, white wall aren’t associated with good night’s sleep.

Feng Shui says that children need images on the walls. The images can represent something that is very important for them. Girls will like whatever is popular and boys love sports posters. Also, make sure that the room has natural light. Draw back the curtains and let in the natural light!

Feng Shui – the direction in which your child sleeps

The direction in which your little one sleeps is very important. If she or he sleeps with the head on the South or East the child will rise early without no problems, while a North or West position can promote deep sleep. Personal and privacy space are some important concepts for every child, because if the child won’t have this space, his more likely not to have a relaxing sleep.

Each child is an individual and each child needs to feel supported in her or his room. So, now, as you are the main person responsible for her or him, why not to use these simple Feng Shui rules?!

Feng Shui for your child’s room

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