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Eclat Hotel in Beijing – check it up!

First time when I visited Beijing I stayed at Hotel Eclat with my best friend. The experience was extraordinary – “cross my heart and hope to die” if this is a lie. There everything was perfect – the food, the service, the staff. I was surprised to discover such friendly, kind and knowledgeable persons. The location, with no doubt, is very central and useful to get to all the important sites. We felt that this hotel is one of the best hotels in Beijing. We even had a nice chat with hotel manager Chris and enjoyed afternoon tea at Eclat Lounge. Chris is a truly gentleman whom looks to give the best experience here in Beijing.


Eclat experience was wonderful


For me, Eclat was “WOW”. Not to forget that each room is decorated meticulously with some of the finest decorations and arts. It is really a genuine art museum. When it comes to the staff I think this was a very accommodating and gracious one. The design is fantastic and the price of the room is great. In the price it was included afternoon tea, evening drinks and a super continental breakfast. I felt very much like home, the mini bar was free and, more important, there was no extra charges!


Besides Eclat I also discovered a great restaurant named “Garden at Lama Temple”. This place has an extraordinarily peaceful vibe and this place is perfect if you want to relax. For me and my friend, that evening with Joyce and her staff was fantastic. We even produced dome very nice dumplings!! Joyce was the one who showed us how to make a traditional Chinese dumplings. This experience was so lovely and I will definitely come back here when I’ll have the opportunity.

Eclat and Garden at Lama Temple – try not to miss them


Go to Eclat Hotel in Beijing and have a great experience. Also, try “Garden at Lama Temple” and your trip will be formidable.


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