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Delicious Greek food in Thessaloniki

On my last vacation I went to Thessaloniki. I had my perfect time in this beautiful city and I will definitely go here again. If you wanna travel to Thessaloniki, I can give you some hints about where can you find tasty Greek food and great services. Already interested? Of course you are.

Best Greek food in lovely places


I love Greek food so when I went to Thessaloniki I had the opportunity to discover great dishes. Rouga – this is the first place where you have to go. Rouga is a restaurant situated on a quiet street with so much color and character. Here, the food is absolutely delicious. I was very impressed with the lovely staff and the waiters were very friendly and helpful with me. I went to Rouga with some friends and we ordered Greek salad, fried cheese, a trio of dips, wilted greens and a grilled seafood platter. The seafood was tender and fresh and the dips were tasty. I will definitely recommend this place to all my friends. The second time I went to Rouga I had shrimps, Santorini salad and calamari. All these Greek food was great!

Greek food at Rouga


Besides Rouga, I would also recommend Bazagiazi. This place can be a little hard to find, but you have to visit it if you like seafood. The fish is straight form the market next door, fresh and cooked to perfection. When I went with my friends I has some Dorado and meatballs. In my opinion, here Bazagiazi has the best fish I ate in Greece. The atmosphere was adequate and the Greek music is great. Our waitress was really cheerful and helpful. The location is charming and here you can eat delicious Greek food.


Your perfect vacation in Thessaloniki must have some delicious Greek food too. Go to restaurant Rouga or to tavern Bazagiazi if you want find excellent and economic services.

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