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Color light therapy & health problems

Nowadays, color light therapy can be a great solution for condition raging from back pain to rosacea. What is truly great is that researches have discovered that different colors can offer different health benefits.

color light therapy & health problems

How can a rainbow of color light therapy resolve your problem?


For: stomach ulcers, back pain, acne, gum disease

Blue light therapy will stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a natural mixture with anti-inflammatory effects and pain killing. Blue light is often used as an antibacterial treatment. Until now, doctors have discovered that therapy with blue light for patients with Heliobacter pylori will reduce the bacterium up to 99%. Blue light can kill this bacteria without harming healthy tissue. Also, blue light therapy is very effective for acne and gum disease.

The improvements can be seen in just a week, and after two months more than 93% of patients had detectable improvements.


For: burns, sun damages, hair loss

Red light can be used for solar keratosis, a pre-malignant skin condition where crusty, thick or scaly patches develop on the skin. Red light has the power to attack the abnormal cells, increase the blood circulation, stimulate the production of collagen and helps in reducing the hair loss in women.


For: sunburn, spider veins, birthmarks and rosacea.

Yellow light can reduce the appearance of redness, inflammations and swelling, and also may help sunburn and rosacea.


For: wound healing, insomnia, enlarged prostate and depression

Green lasers will help you insomnia and seasonal depression. This kind of light therapy is used as an alternative therapy in surgery for benign prostate disease. Also, green lasers where shown to melt body fat and they have been tested for reshaping or contouring after weight loss.


For: eczema, inching, alopecia, vitiligo psoriasis

The therapy with violet light is an effective treatment for multiple skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.


For: balance and sleep problems

Orange light therapy can help you with insomnia and balance problems. Older people can be exposed to orange light for 30 minutes per night.

So, light therapy can be always a good choose when it comes to healing some health problems.

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