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Broccoli for your baby

As your baby grows you have to rethink its diet and you will definitely want to give him or her the best food. As they develop, babies require essential minerals and vitamins. An excellent source that can provide essential vitamins and minerals are vegetables. Among other vegetables, a great source is broccoli. Broccoli for your baby can provide great benefits.


Broccoli for your baby

Why to choose Broccoli for your baby?


For babies, broccoli is an excellent source. You can start giving broccoli to your baby when he is older than 8 or 10 months. When your baby starts having solid food he will have a great array of benefits.

It is very important to understand who you can choose best broccoli for your baby. Also try to learn how to prepare broccoli for you baby because as we all know, the baby’s stomach is still tender and not used to rough solid foods.

Before cooking, broccoli must be properly washed and then you have to dry it using a clean piece of clothing. Cook the broccoli for you baby in a medium sized pan, over medium heat for 15 minutes.

The remaining broccoli will be drain and rinsed with cool water for some minutes.

Put the broccoli in a bowl and puree until you achieve a consistent cream texture.

Broccoli is great for your baby because it has multiple benefits:


  • Great source of soluble fiber
  • Keeps the baby’s skin healthy
  • Detoxification
  • Prevents a wide variety of diseases
  • Cataracts and eye care
  • Development of health bones
  • Immunity
  • Anemia


Broccoli for your baby? Great choice!


Honestly, the list of broccoli benefits is endless. However, you must be careful, because too much broccoli can cause bad reactions (like skin reactions). Choose broccoli for your baby and he will start enjoying these great benefits.

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