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We believe in open communication and clear boundaries, and for that reason, we are providing the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  Is there a question we missed or that you’re longing to know the answer to? Please contact us, we will gladly answer all questions.  You can also find our terms and conditions here.

Why are you independent and don’t work for an agency?
We are strong, intelligent, and mindful young women who work hard to provide the highest quality escort service imaginable.  We are confident in both our skills as lovers as well as our skills as business women, and as such, prefer to keep our full wages and handle our bookings on our own.  We like to have a say in who we work with and remain independent for both our own satisfaction and yours.

We are independent women, and therefore, believe the most authentic way to provide courtesan services is to remain independent business owners.  As independent escorts, we are able to honor our own values, personally connect with our own clients, and book directly with our clients.

Note: We are not an agency or a company. We both work independent and we arrange all the details of our own bookings by ourselfs. No second or third party’s involved.
Independence is sexy, and we’d love to prove that to you.

How do I make a booking?
Make a reservation by contacting us on www.escortsisland.com.

It is not possible to handle an entire booking by text message. Messages like, “Hi, are you available?” or “send me some pictures”, will not be answered. Be a gentleman and introduce yourself. If you book for the first time please read our terms and conditions below first. We have a strict policy in accepting new clients.

Please note:  We will not answer anonymous phone calls.

How do I need to introduce myself?
Please approach us as a gentleman. We are high-class ladies and expect you to behave appropriately.  Inappropriate contact will not be answered.   We ask you to introduce yourself briefly, such as who you are, your physical description, and some background information.  We also ask that you express your wishes and preference.

For safety and other reasons, we will not arrange meetings with individuals who remain anonymous.

How long in advance do I need to do my request for a date?
Please try to give us as much notice as possible.  Appointments are strictly screened and on a first-come first-served basis.  Additionally, we love what we do, and we like to prepare both physically and mentally for our meeting. We will only consider serious and respectful inquiries, which will always be treated with the utmost discretion.  We also guarantee that you will be our only appointment for any given date.  Our schedules are busy, our time is precious, and we ask that you respect that by booking early.

Are the rates negotiable?
The rates are for our time and companionship only and they are not negotiable. Please do not ask, as we would consider that as a sign of disrespect.

Are the photos real?
Yes 100% authentic! We guarantee our pictures are GENUINE, ACCURATE, and RECENT. The pictures on our website are from 3 different photoshoots. It’s very important that we present a recent and realistic portfolio to avoid any form of disappointments or misunderstandings. Rest assured, what you see is what you get! Our face is partially masked in our photos for matters of privacy and discretion.

How about discretion?
Privacy, respect, and discretion is our number one priority. We value your privacy, as well as our own.  We hold our clients in the highest level of respect and honor their privacy, and in return, we ask that you respect ours.  What happens during our time together should always stay between us. We also do NOT contact you after our meeting, unless you request it otherwise. We also delete all the data of our conversation after our date.

Your personal information is collected simply for the process of contacting you, which we will do exclusively by email or telephone.  You will never receive contact from either of us without previously receiving a contact request.  In order to further protect your data, we will only hold your personal information for as long as is necessary for our
time together.  We never hoard or hang on to your private information or payment, and all names, phone numbers, email addresses, and details will be erased at the culmination of our time together – guaranteed.  In the event you wish to keep your information on file with us for future adventures together, we will ask that you explicitly make that request in writing, and will rely on you to inform us when you are ready to have the information terminated. 

We take your private information incredibly seriously, and are as committed to protecting your personal data as we are dedicated to driving you wild and bringing your dreams to life.

Can you provide me with a list of your services?
A true lady doesn’t tell, and we don’t feel the need to sell ourselves with a list of specific services.  We believe in open and honest communication.  We are passionate, very open-minded, and high-class ladies that are willing to discuss almost anything but reserve the right to offer alternatives activities for anything we feel is too extreme.  First and foremost, we are skilled purveyors of providing the full girlfriend experience and are ready to discuss all of your desires and fantasies with us.

Health and safety is priority. Unsafe sex is not possible. If someone insist having unsafe sex the booking will be terminated immediately.

What do you expect from me?
We believe in creating clear expectations from the beginning in order to pave the way to giving you our undivided attention during our time together. With a common understanding of the expectations, it takes the pressure off and makes way for the most exciting, sensual, and intimate time of your life. We expect at least a 4 star hotel for our time together and that you will make the necessary arrangements to secure such accommodations.  We expect you to treat us with dignity, kindness, and respect before, during, and after our time together.  We expect you to care for yourself with proper hygiene and take care of your physical well-being.  And finally, we expect payment in full upfront – paving the way to an incredible experience that neither of us will never forget.

Are there any type of men that you will not spend time with?
We will see any men of the proper adult age.  We do ask that you are respectful and practice good hygiene, but we feel like most gentlemen who reach out for our services act appropriately and care for themselves.  We believe there is true beauty within each of us, and what is on the outside is irrelevant.  At the end of the day, we’re much more turned on by someone who is genuine, sincere, and thoughtful than someone who looks like they should be on the cover of a magazine. We think sophistication, cleverness, and good manners are the sexiest traits a man can possess.  Regardless of age, looks, size, or any other physical trait – we can find the sex appeal in every person we spend time with.

What will you wear for our date?

We will always dress appropriately for the occasion – from classic chic fashion for casual dates around town to elegant cocktail dresses. Always classy, sophisticated and stylish. Of course, we are always happy to cater our outfits and our look to your desires.  If you have specific wishes for our clothing, please let us know before the date.

How do we deal with financial matters?
Please, have the payment ready at the beginning of our date. We suggest you have the payment ready in an envelope. Generally we will know within the first 10 minutes whether there is a connection. In the event that we should feel our time together would not be beneficial to either of us, we will politely say so and leave, and your donation will be untouched. You also have the liberty, if we meet in Amsterdam in the first 10 minutes to cancel the date if one of us is not your type.

How does everything works with international bookings?
We both love to explore this beautiful planet so we will gladly travel to you. We are passport ready! Depending on your location we have minimum hours, feel free to ask us about the minimum hours per city.

To secure booking for all fly-to-you arrangements for existing clients, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of our fee is required plus travel costs that will be calculated on an individual basis.  If we have not already met and become acquainted then we would require 50% advance payment in accordance with normal practice.  We will take care of flight bookings in accordance with your requirements. Once you agree on schedule and fare, you authorize the funding by bank transfer which is the smoothest solution for both of us. 

We also would like to receive at least 1 reference from other escort you have met in last 12 months for screening purposes. Unfortunately the world isn’t a save place these days and we have to take care about our safety.

Dates of 24hrs or longer include dinner, breakfast each full day we spend together beyond the initial 24 hours. Extended trips together will usually require a multi-bedroom venue, although we can share a bedroom at night.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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