Hair loss – how to prevent and treat

If you will try to search online “treatments for hair loss” you will find a long list with creams, tonics and supplements. Unfortunately, you will discover soon that most of natural hair loss treatments are bunk. Even with all these treatment your brush hair will continue to have more hair …

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Chemical peeling – what does it do?

Have you ever had a chemical peeling? If not, let us explain what is this about and who it works. Chemical peeling involves applying a sort of “chemical agent” on your skin. The main purpose is to exfoliate thickened, sun-damaged surface skin and to stimulate the collagen production. Chemical peeling …

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Permanent epilation with IPL

When it comes to epilation, each woman is willing to try multiple solutions. Does it hurts? Does it really work? Well, it depends on what you’re using. Nowadays, there a many sophisticated solutions in order to get rid of your unwanted hair. Luckily, tanks to technologies, every person who wants …

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Keratin treatment for perfect hair

Many women choose keratin treatment in order to obtain straight and smooth hair. Women who have had keratin hair treatment call these treatment a “miracle” and are very happy for the results. However the buzz about this product isn’t all positive. Why? Because some many brands contain formaldehyde. When it …

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Collagen mascara for perfect lashes

Have you ever tried a collagen mascara? If not, I highly recommend you to try it. Why? Because the effect will be fabulous. In my opinion, best L’Oreal Mascara is collagen mascara. With his lash plumbing technology, a this kind of mascara will deliver a breathtaking volume. L’Oreal mascara – collagen …

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7 must-have maternity clothes

You need some maternity clothes, but you don’t want to avoid spending too much money on this temporary clothes? Well, buy yourself some comfortable maternity clothes because for a trimester or two these will definitely be your most cherished pieces. Maternity clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful   …

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