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Baby Clothes – choose them correctly


Boy colors, girl colors and adorable prints – are these important factors when you have to choose baby clothes? Yes they are, but when you make your final selection you need to take in consideration some aspects like: comfort, safety and practically. Also, we know that you will take in consideration the price too, and it’s OK to buy baby clothes form secondhand stores, nit be sure you wash everything first.

Tips for choosing baby clothes

No ties, buttons and bows. Stay away from baby clothes with bows, small buttons or decorative rhinestones, because they mean choking risks. Also, clothes that pull tightly around your baby’s legs, arms, or neck or those with long ties are completely unsafe.

Choose fire-safe sleepwear. Labels will indicate you if the baby clothes you just bought are flame-retardant or not. Be careful that flame-resistant fabrics have specify laundry instructions. If these baby clothes have been washed incorrectly, they’ve lost their effectiveness.

Choose baby clothes by your baby’s weight, not age. Weight is the best measure when it comes to baby clothes.

Pick clothes that are easily to put on and take off. Snaps at the neck and wide necks make dressing easier. Zippers in the front and snaps are easier to tale ok and put on than those on the back.

Choose washable. Always buy clothes that say “machine washable” on the label. In this way, you will avoid the energy or time of ironing or hand-washing. The ideal clothes are those made from 100% cotton. These baby clothes are durable, comfortable and they wash well.

Follow these simple rules and your baby will be safe. A baby’s skin is very precious and that’s why you should for safe cloths. Also, check all clothes for dyes and chemicals and buy clothes 100 percent organic or 100 percent combed clothes.

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